Email Fraud Posing as PCI Message!

MerchantProcessingNMCredit Card Scams Against Merchants

Data security is a serious topic. PCI is a state-of-the-art security system created to help you keep data safe from fraud. The thieves, however, also have high-tech methods to confiscate confidential information. Here is a fraud email designed to capture your personal information. This is not a real email that would be sent by your processor or a PCI compliance … Read More

The Bob from Brand X Scam for Restaurants!

MerchantProcessingNMBob from Brand X Nightmares

One of our large volume fine dining restaurant client’s was approached by Bob who said he would save them over $300/mth on their fees. Our client asked us to evaluate. We said we needed to see the rates Bob was presenting, not just a number of $300 with nothing to back it up. It took the client 10 days to … Read More

A Law of Attraction Story

MerchantProcessingNMSecrets of Success

We have a bank, US Eagle, who refers us their clients for card processing. We got a call recently from one of the referrals. This woman had a small, seasonal business and wanted to get set up for card processing. We told her to sign up with Square and then call us when her volume got larger. Square does not … Read More

Bob From Brand X – Will My Rate Ever Change?

MerchantProcessingNMBob from Brand X Nightmares

When asked about rate increases, Bob from Brand X always LIED, (that’s right I said LIED) and said that rates would never change with him. The fact is that 99% of processors raise rates whenever they want to. Typically they raise rates when they are getting ready to sell out to a bigger processor, in order to inflate their bottom … Read More

To Decline AVS Mismatches or NOT?

MerchantProcessingNMCredit Card Processing/ Merchant Services

Do you ever wonder if it is a good idea or not to decline cards online which do not have an address match? The question is if you decline the card, will you miss real business. Or will you save yourself money reducing chargebacks? Well one of our customers has shared the data from their company. They do inflatable party … Read More

Compare a Merchant Account to PayPal

MerchantProcessingNMCredit Card Processing/ Merchant Services

PayPal is what is called aggregate processor. They aggregate all their merchants into one merchant account. One benefit is that they do not charge individual merchants PCI fees, because none of their individual merchants have an individual merchant account. But let’s also examine the disadvantages for the merchant.