3 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business

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Running a business is no simple task. Making sure that business continues to grow its customer base and increase revenue is something else altogether. Many small businesses fail because they tend to fall victim to stagnation. By not staying up-to-date with the latest technology, smaller organizations separate themselves from the bigger brands who are maintaining loyal customers through innovation. As … Read More

Protect Your Business & Your Customers with P2PE

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Stories of large data breaches are becoming all too common an occurrence these days. As consumers continue to have their sensitive information stolen by means of everyday purchases, both customers and merchants are wondering how they can keep their information safe. While there are several measures a vendor can take to improve the security of their payment data, P2PE or … Read More

Chapter 1 – Chargeback Prevention: The Little Code on the Back of the Card

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Chargeback prevention is front of mind for many in today’s environment of taking transactions online and over the phone. Chargebacks can cost you time, energy, and most importantly for any business, money. Through a series of blogs, we hope to educate you to information and tools you can use to protect your business. How many times have you purchased something … Read More

Interchange Optimization for B2B (Business to Business) Processing

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Purchasing cards, corporate cards and business cards (B2B cards) are a procurement card issued by a large corporate or government entity to an employee to make purchases without the time consuming task of getting an approved acquisition form. These cards are authorized for certain types of business purchases. For example: An employee may purchase industrial parts for his manufacturing firm … Read More

3 Essential Things to Know About Chip Cards

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In the results of a telephone survey that collected data from 932 credit card holders, it was found that 70 percent of American credit card holders today shop with EMV technology-based chip cards. While it may have once just been a point of interest for proprietors with a penchant for keeping up with industry metrics, these days, being savvy about … Read More

Secure Your Business’s Online Transactions

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In an era where credit card fraud is prominent and an easier, more viable option for illegally obtaining money, it’s understandable that business owners are concerned about the security of their transactions. This is especially worrisome when a lot of your merchandise is sold online. With the integration of EMV chip enhanced credit cards, fraudsters are becoming more and more … Read More

ECommerce 101: Protect Your Business from Fraudulent Sales

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Fraud can happen to any business. It can lessen sales, decrease customer trust, and if it becomes a frequent issue, put a company out of business. However, there are a few things you can do to protect your business from fraudulent sales. Check out these helpful tips on how to prevent fraudulent sales within your business: AVS (address verification) When … Read More