Bob From Brand X – The Fake Flat Rate

I recently spoke with a new business wanting to set up credit card processing. He wanted to compare us to another company that gave him a quote with a flat rate of 1.89% and $.19. The rate was, obvious to me but not obvious to a rookie, only for qualified transactions. I knew it was too low for rewards cards, … Read More

Bob From Brand X – Read the Fine Print

I recently spoke with a non-profit who closed one of their entities. They went to close their merchant services account at their bank, and lo and behold, they found out that the contract they had signed stated they would be responsible for paying the average surcharge fees the bank had been collecting from their merchant services until the end of … Read More

Bob From Brand X – We Only Charge Interchange

Recently there was an article from our industry magazine about a processor selling interchange pricing. But it turned out they were padding the interchange and not disclosing this to their merchants. So the merchant was paying interchange plus a surcharge, all under a category called interchange.

Bob From Brand X – Wells Fargo Calling… NOT!

Recently a customer relayed a story about her previous processor, Bob. He prospected her on the phone and told her he represented Wells Fargo, which just happened to be her bank. He told her she would save money on her checking account fees if she used Wells Fargo credit card processing services. So she signed up. When she got the … Read More

Bob From Brand X – Shopping the Internet for Rates Nightmare

Some people shop the internet for credit card rates. This is scary to me! The rate structures of card processing is like balancing a scale, with not just two buckets to compare, but about a hundred. There are so many different rates for different types of cards and it is just plain difficult, to say the least, to compare tiered … Read More

Bob From Brand X – New Terminal Lease Fake Out

Bob is still out there selling high leases on equipment. I ran across a merchant last week who was told she needed a new terminal for $100 lease payments, but not to worry because her savings were way higher than $100/month. Wowza! Bob earned a great up-front commission on that one. And there was no documentation on the monthly savings, … Read More

Bob From Brand X – Only Cost plus .20% Fake Out

New game plan from Bob hits the scene – quote the customer cost plus a low percentage like .20%, but don’t tell the customer that debit cards, airline rewards cards, and corporate cards will be billed back at a higher rate than cost plus .20%, which most of the cards end up being! Hardly anyone ever receives just a plain … Read More

Bob From Brand X – Terminal Paper

I actually met a guy on a shuttle bus to a marketing seminar. Get this! His first job at 14 was with a telemarketing company that sold credit card terminal paper! He actually worked for and earned commissions selling $300 cases of paper for terminals to unsuspecting employees and owners. His script was to say he was with their credit … Read More

Bob From Brand X – “I’m With Your Credit Company” Fake Call

Here’s a new gimmick from Bob. He calls a prospect and says that he is with their credit card processing company and noticed they were being overcharged for fees. If they send him the last two months’ statements, he can work on a refund for them. It is all a lie.

Bob From Brand X – I Only Charge You “COST”

Let’s say Bob comes in and quotes you COST for all retail swiped personal credit cards. You’re thinking, “Man this is great, I’m getting cost!” But the fact is that you only take one or two retail swiped personal credit cards each month. Most of your swiped cards are debit cards and Bob is now marking them up a ton. … Read More