The Future of Shopping

The report “Retail Technology Vision 2014” from Accenture contains an incredible prediction: “The next five years will bring more change to retail than the last 100 years.”Think about that; the stores, websites, and apps we recognize today could go through some radical changes that would’ve been the stuff of sci-fi just a generation ago To find out what the changing … Read More

Bob From Brand X – Rates on the App Were Different

We have a client who calls us once a year to review their types of transactions and see if they are running them properly to their best benefit. Turns out this year, Bob from Brand X had submitted his bid for their business. He had a proper letter outlining his proposed fees (turns out it was not a complete list). … Read More

Bob From Brand X – Huge Savings

Bob, Bob, Bob… what do you have going this time? Bob thought he was doing a comparison for a merchant. He wrote across the paper, “Savings: $800.” The merchant asked us to take a look. “Where was the detailed comparison? Where was the savings of $800?” they asked. “Beats me. Why don’t I just write $1,000 savings on a piece … Read More

Bob From Brand X Story – Only Charging 1%

Bob is back at it again. Recently, Bob showed up at one of our clients’ with a story that he was only going to charge the merchant 1%, and by the way, they needed all new equipment. The client called our office to ask for our review. It turns out Brand X was charging 1% on top of all the … Read More