How Technology Can Create a Database of Your Customers and Help You Identify Their Buying Preferences

A common trait we see among small businesses is that they are not taking advantage of the latest trends in smart technology. With new technology trends and applications, businesses can streamline how they receive information from customers, and even offer personalized rewards based on their preferences. Cloud-based tablets are growing in popularity for small businesses, and for a good reason. … Read More

3 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business

Running a business is no simple task. Making sure that business continues to grow its customer base and increase revenue is something else altogether. Many small businesses fail because they tend to fall victim to stagnation. By not staying up-to-date with the latest technology, smaller organizations separate themselves from the bigger brands who are maintaining loyal customers through innovation. As … Read More

If your hungry, just touch this

Waiters and waitresses do get busy, and there’s nothing more frustrating during a lunch or dinner rush than to have them ignore your table. “But imagine sitting right down and placing your order from a touchscreen tabletop menu, “says Molloy, the retail space expert. He went through this very experience at airport eateries in Toronto and Charlotte, which makes sense, … Read More