Payment Processing

Made Easy!

Many merchants are left in the dark when it comes to the fees they pay for payment processing. You deserve to know where your hard earned money is going and with Electronic Money Company we do just that!

We will work closely with our merchants to help them understand their merchant statements. At Electronic Money Company, we are the opposite of the typical 1-800-IGNORE-ME operators. We offer comprehensive in-house technical support with english speaking operators.

Get a FREE Simple Breakdown
of Your Merchant Statement!

Save on Fees

Avoid credit card processing scams by choosing a merchant service company that explains every fee in honest detail upfront. We have No Surprises! and Nothing to Hide!

From our credit card processing services to our integrated POS systems, you’ll know exactly what fees are being charged and which tools serve your best interest. It’s a WIN-WIN with Electronic Money Company.


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No Hidden Fees!

Electronic Money Company offers honest disclosure of fees, while educating clients on how to understand their merchant statements.