Analytics to Grow Your Restaurant

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Get game changing insights to grow your restaurant with analytics. We grab disconnected data from your current POS, social media and your card processing transactions, into one simple, easy-to-understand view.

With our restaurant analytics, we can give you:

What menu item brings customers back
Which servers drive the most repeat business
What is the real value of a marketing campaign, including repeat customers gained

Analytics also included:

  • The name of every customer
  • How many times your customer has visited.
  • How much in total your customer has spent
  • What your customer ordered on every visit
  • Who served which customers
  • What the customer tipped
  • Which servers have the highest ticket
  • Which server’s turn the most tables

Generate more customers and make more profits. Live a life of freedom not chained down to your restaurant. The restaurant owners who can cut through the noise to figure out which tools and strategies are right for their business decision making will find themselves running successful businesses in less time and with greater profits.

Electronic Money Company Partners with Upserve

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Grow Your Restaurant with Analytics!

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Get Customer Intelligence

Understand what impacts customer behavior!

  • Track new versus repeat customer spending and visits
  • Understand which marketing efforts are best at attracting new customers
  • Segment your customers based on criteria like “VIPs”, “Regulars” or “Wine Lovers”
  • See how often customers come back and when they dine
  • Understand the cost to acquire a new customer

Get Marketing Intelligence

Get the big picture of ROI with extensive marketing tracking over time!

  • Track the return on your marketing campaigns
  • Connect online marketing to offline spending
  • Track ROI long after campaigns end to see how many new and repeat customers return
  • Understand the cost to acquire a repeat customer
  • Target customers with messages tailored to their tastes and preferences

Get Social Media Intelligence

Simplify Operations from a Single Dashboard for all your Social Media!

  • Monitor Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Goodle + reviews on a single dashboard
  • Understand how promotions, social activity, and even weather impact sales
  • Dashboard search window allows targeted searches through all social media for particular comments

Get Server Intelligence

Understand server skills that translate into higher sales!

  • See who brings diners back ore often
  • Rank staff based on table turn, sales per cover, tips and more
  • See sales lost per shift to focus coaching on the biggest growth opportunities
  • Understand who upsells like a pro
  • Spot issues faster and keep revenue growing
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Up 2.5%
Down .4%
Up 2.85%
Rank 8th
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Analytics that Matter

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