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I like the FoodTronix Systems a lot. The reports are great and easy to use. It is simplistic and servers with no computer knowledge can generally navigate through the screens on their own. It is easy to add modifiers. There are not too many steps like in the Micros systems. The software support has been available for us early in the morning and also late at night. In fact, my new bar manager is a novice at computers and he is quite happy with the IT support.

Fast support on hardware and software issues is a huge WOW! Things always go awry when the restaurant is busy. The other dealers tell you MAYBE they can get to it tomorrow at best. I’ve dealt with Micros, Aloha and some others and they all say they are going to help, but they don’t. Foodtronix is the only one who does what they say they are going to do. Every time we’ve had to call, for us early in the morning and also late at night, the people in NM or corporate in Dallas have responded quickly and answered our concern. I was never that impressed with Aloha. They don’t have good reports and they charge separately every time they come out and don’t have a service contract.

The price point on FoodTronix is definitely good, especially compared to a $23,000 Micros. FoodTronix has almost 1000 restaurants using their product since they released it about 10 years ago, so they have good history behind them. I called 5 of their referrals and all 5 liked the IT support.

Restaurants run on a 10% margin, so we managers and owners have to run it very tight. I am not just looking to save money. I want value. I found it with FoodTronix and the local dealer, Electronic Money Company.

Russell Reid, Manager Two Fools, Albuquerque, NM

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