Secure Your Business’s Online Transactions

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In an era where credit card fraud is prominent and an easier, more viable option for illegally obtaining money, it’s understandable that business owners are concerned about the security of their transactions. This is especially worrisome when a lot of your merchandise is sold online. With the integration of EMV chip enhanced credit cards, fraudsters are becoming more and more savvy with online credit card fraud, which to a business owner can be very unnerving. However, there are ways you as a business owner can combat online credit card fraud and feel secure once again. Here are just a few precautions you can take to keep your online credit card transactions secure:


  1. One of the first precautions you can take is to write an internet use policy for your employees. By clearly indicating to your staff how they should proceed with using the internet at and for your business, your online information can be better protected simply by being proactive. Having this in written form will not only solidify this information to your team, but it will help your employees by giving them a resource to refer back to if need be. Be sure to emphasize in your policy that employees should use a strong password to all safeguard against any fraudulent breaches.

  3. Is your business up-to-date with PCI compliance? Make sure you are taking the proper steps to do everything in your power to be PCI compliant in order to protect your business and your clientele. One important thing you can do is ensure your payment processor is PCI compliant. Using PayPal or Square are not PCI compliant and can put your business at risk for fraud. Do not forget to submit your annual PCI compliance survey so you are always aware of what steps you need to take if you are not compliant.

  5. Having a secure network is crucial! Make sure you and all your employees change passwords frequently on your network and that antivirus protection for all computers is being used. Have your IT personnel or provider perform regular virus scans to keep your business network protected from intruders and check for any breaches that may have gone unnoticed.

There are many different ways to keep your business protected from fraud. These are only just a few ways you can feel more secure about online credit card transactions involving your business. To learn more about PCI compliance, processors, and ways to keep your business protected, give Electronic Money Company a call today. You’ll be happy you did!