A Difference of Attitude!

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A few years ago, I had the opportunity of attending a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Silver City, NM. It is a beautiful town of about 10,000 people nestled in the hills in southern New Mexico. Yes it was at one time a silver mining town and today the biggest employer is a copper mine, the third largest in the world!

People were still venturing into the event as I was already sitting at my table next to a 40 year oldish man. I naturally asked him what business he was in and how things were going for him. The response I got was a highly charged woe is me response about the economy in this town. He told me how the workers at the mine had been on strike for 2 months and there was no end in sight. He was in the real estate business and hadn’t sold or listed a house that whole time. In fact, he figured he would surely have to declare bankruptcy if the strike continued for more than 30 more days. He went on and on about how he didn’t know what to do or how to solve his financial woes. I have never known anyone so negatively enthusiastic in my life!

Wanting to get away from the negative vibes on my left, I turned to my right to a women around the same age who had just sat down. I foolishly asked her the same question, “What business was she in and how were things going for her?” She answered, “Have you heard about the strike?” My stomach started cramping and my mind started wondering why in the world I decided to drive down to Silver City to do some networking. She continued, “My business is fantastic! I am in the real estate business.” I replied, “Is that so?” “Yes, when the strike started I figured that this would be the best time for families to have time to look for their dream house. This mine has provided security for this town for generations. Strikes come and go and employees always end up with a raise. I have listed and sold more houses in the past 2 months than I had all last year. And if this strike continues for at least one more month, I will be able to take my dream vacation and still be able to coast for the rest of the year!”

What a difference attitude makes! Here were 2 people in the exact same situation and in the exact same business. Each had a different outlook that took them in opposite directions. If this isn’t an example of how “We become what we think about.” then I don’t know what would be.

Motto: Get the right attitude and you get the right future!