A Great Opportunity to Build a Successful Residual Income Business!

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featured image A Great Opportunity to Build a Successful Residual Income Business!

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Do you want to be your own boss? Choose your own hours and earn lots of money instead of working for somebody else and earning them lots of money? Wealthy people do not trade dollars for hours. They generate income passively. It’s called mailbox money or residual income.

There’s ways to create your goose that lays the golden egg continually laying more golden eggs. After the basics of income are covered, then you’re in a position to invest money and earn more income. So residual income frees up your time and it gives you freedom of money. You can spend money and time on whatever you want.

One example of residual income is selling merchant services. We get a split of every transaction that goes through our merchants accounts, and as you build a portfolio of merchants, you’re building up thousands and thousands and mega thousands of transactions. So it is a way to develop passive income.

Hi, I’m Ginger Gay with Electronic Money Company, and I’m looking for new sales representatives because my sales reps have already built a portfolio. They’re retiring, they’re spending more time traveling and I’m trying to grow my sales organization. So, I need to find more sales reps.

If you’re a person who wants to grow passive residual income and make a lot of money and retire early, then send me a resume with a cover letter to ghollowell@electronicmoneycompany.com.

I’ll tell you a little bit about the sales cycle. First of all, it is a short sale cycle. We find that cold calling actually trumps all other methods of contacting people. It is a short sale, many times we’re closing at the initial presentation. So once you submit an app, it only takes a couple of days to get your merchant approved and then maybe one more day to get their file downloaded in their credit card terminal or their point of sale device or gateway, whatever they choose to use for payment processing.

If they choose a point of sale system, it does take a couple extra weeks to get their venue in and get their whole system set up. But it’s generally a very short sale from presentation to you collecting your money. At the end of the month. On the first of the following month, we pay you all your commissions for the previous month.

There are three adrenaline rushes in this business of merchant services:

1. when you get the application signed,

2. when you install the equipment, and

3. when you receive your commission.

Of course, the commissions keep coming automatically. So as you grow your portfolio and keep adding merchants every month, that residual income gets larger and larger.

The commissions keep coming in, month after month and they’re larger and larger every month. As you’re growing your portfolio. So no more do you have to work straight, commission, kill the food so you can eat, then go kill some more food so you can eat. Now you can continue drinking from the water of the financial stream you’ve created.

If you want to see how fast your portfolio can grow, click on Residual Income Growth Chart For Merchant Services Sales Reps below. We’ll show you a chart of an average salesperson. I look forward to hearing from you.

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