Attention Merchants: Shopping and Purchasing Habits Changed by the COVID Pandemic

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Increase in Online Shopping:
Stores are closing and those open have limits on numbers of shoppers as a COVID
response. Merchants who have not yet focused on an Ecommerce site for their
products and services need to pay attention. Payment processing can be
integrated to shopping carts safely and securely. Add this to your current brick
and mortar merchant services. Market to in-store shoppers to find specials
online. Likewise, entice local online shoppers to come in and browse. Add FAQs
to your website to systemize answering the questions that come up frequently.
Add a blog to your website to lure new customers to your products and services.

Curbside Pickup:
Give your customers the option to order online, pay online, and pick up curbside
so they can stay healthy with social distancing made practical and easy. Add
mobile payment processing to your tool box for those who want to pay when they
come to pick up their products curbside.

Contactless payment Options:
Upgrade your credit card processing terminals to handle contactless payments. It
shows your customers you care about their health. It also saves you time wiping
surfaces down repeatedly. Tap and pay limits have been raised by credit card
issuers to also help us all use contactless more often and stay healthy.

New Post Covid POS Software:
Search for POS Software that serves the new way people shop. They want to
order online, pay online, pick up curbside and take out food. Merchants are
demanding more from their POS software to not only adapt to the new COVID
reality and attract more customers, but also facilitate their business, save them
management time and of course, to increase sales and make more profits. Many
POS software solutions come with a CRM bundled with marketing and automated
communication with customers via email and text.

Phone Apps:
Developers continue to bring us new apps for our phones. These apps allow
communication between consumers and technology that can bypass the human
element. For example, there is a company called SPACES that allows people
entering parking lots to trigger the gate via their phone so they can enter and
likewise set up payment for when it is time to exit. We are working with a
restaurant software company developing similar technology where patrons can
order and pay via their phone. This not only eliminates the waiter but also keeps
us healthier by not having to touch payment devices during the COVID pandemic.

Contact us to add to your current payment options for your customers!

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