Biggest Merchant Services Secret Scam – The “After You Sign Up” Scam

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One of our processor has decided to increase rates by .10% in order to cover increased industry costs,
(In other words), in order to make more profit.

Electronic Money Company has refused this increase for our entire portfolio of clients!!!

Unlike other processors, we don’t believe in sneaking in rate increases and hoping you don’t notice.
We want to keep our clients for life.

The way 99% of processors out there play the game is to sign people up on a low rate and then once or twice a year increase rates and fees slightly and hope their clients don’t notice and don’t switch over to someone else. Eventually, the merchant figures out their rates are higher and they do leave for another processor; who lies again that there will be no increase in fees and rates and then the merchant starts the game all over again.

Electronic Money Company refuses to play this game. We give up those extra profits in order to keep our clients forever, and that we do. We have merchants who have been with us from the start in the year 2000. Thank you for your loyalty and trust.

“As someone who has tried quite a few merchant service providers over the years I can tell you that all of my relationships have turned sour due to hidden fees and percentages creeping onto my monthly bills over the course of time. All except for one. Electronic Money Company has been the first honest company I’ve ever worked with. Their service has been outstanding.” Rob Weinstein, Event Rental Systems