Is a Signature Required for Credit Cards?

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All four credit card brands, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover dropped the requirement for card holder signatures on receipts in April of this year, 2020. The signature used to be considered a deterrent against fraud, but with the new EMV chip technology, fraud has been reduced 80% for merchants. EMV stands for Euro MasterCard Visa. The technology initiated in Europe. The United States was … Read More

Three Traps to Watch Out for When Thinking About Switching Your Credit Card Processing!

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Trap 1:  A Verbal Quote! Most of the time, a verbal quote only includes the rate, transaction fee, and monthly fee, which are just pieces of the equation. The rate usually reflects only the swiped rate or debit rate, and the salesperson often neglects to explain that if the credit card is a rewards card or a corporate card, of if the card is keyed-in … Read More

Inventory Shrinkage Beware!

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How to protect your restaurant against food theft. Waiters can hurt your profit margins in a variety of ways, and rarely is restaurant theft as simple as taking from the cash register, or not ringing up an order and pocketing the money. Working around food all day can tempt even the most honest employee. I mean restaurant employees get hungry too. But they can also … Read More

What Is A Processing Equipment Scam?

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If you’re a business owner, you have to be aware of scammers from all angles: scammers posing as customers and scammers posing as people who say they can help your business. You have to be on your toes at all times, even when choosing your credit card processing equipment. You may receive a call offering to lease your credit card processing equipment — at a … Read More

Tweet your shopping needs

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Some savvy companies already use twitter to monitor customer complaints and address customer service. But it’s now going a step further than that, where you can tweet at the store and get fashion or purchasing advise on the spot It’s all done by software made by HipLogiq, which combs Twitter looking for tweets that would include a client’s keywords and phrases. “A women’s clothing store … Read More

Mobile apps gaining popularity

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Mobile apps via phone devices have quickly become the most common way consumers access the internet, information related to businesses and shopping. Smart phones are expected to overtake fixed internet connections, i.e. a desktop computer, within the next few years.

Customized commercials

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Right now, commercials target consumers in mass, but as big data gets bigger, retailers will have the ability to hit up each of us as individuals. Based on what retailers know about our buying patterns, “shoppers will receive targeted messages and promotions while in the store, as the system will already know who they are, their lifestyle and purchasing patterns,”says Jonathan Asher, executive vice president … Read More

Navigating the supermarket in super style

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The smartphone has it all but replaced the standalone GPS as a product in the average consumer’s tech arsenal. That’s because mapping apps from Google, Apple, and Waze help us get from point A to B. Ah, but they don’t do it indoors. Molloy sees a time in the not-too-distant future when app developers figure out how to map your favorite grocery store or retail … Read More

Package delivery later than the pizza guy

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Missing the FedEx or UPS truck can prove quite aggravating, especially when you have to retrieve the package or figure out a time range to hang at your house in anticipation of the driver’s return. A group of Harvard Business School students not only saw the problem, but came up with an innovative solution. Their notify start-up,, not only handles and signs for your … Read More

Your favorite store climbs the geofence

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Geofencing is pretty much what it sounds like: a virtual perimeter for a real- world geographic area. So let’s say you set a boundary via mobile communications that encompasses a six-square-block area. That would be your geofence, and anyone who enters that area whose contact information you have can receive a text message or email via smartphone or tablet. And when the bullseye of the … Read More