Beware of the Scams of Telemarketing Credit Card Salespeople!

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Beware of the Scams of Telemarketing Credit Card Salespeople!

Click here to watch the video Get educated to understand the true cost of credit card payment transactions. Then you can prevent getting taken advantage of by slick talking salespeople and telemarketers with the so called “lowest” rate and beat them at their game. Hi there! Today in this video I want to talk to you about what is a Fair Rate. When you’re talking … Read More

Why Get a New Tablet POS?

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Tablet POS

A very good merchant customer of ours has been using a POS system in their retail establishment for many years.  They were processing credit cards in a terminal sitting next to the POS.  Recently they contacted us asking about an updated POS system with integrated payments. Their old POS cost them a ton of money from employees offering unapproved discounts to their friends.  The old … Read More

What are the Visa/MasterCard Rules Regarding Credit Card Payments for CBD Products?

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CBD High Risk Processing

If the THC in a product is less than .3%, credit card processing is allowed under federal rules and regulations.  Customers can purchase CBD in physical locations as well as online.  Merchants selling CBD are considered high-risk merchant accounts.  Applying for card processing with white lies about your products and trying to slide under the radar without divulging the high risk products will someday get … Read More

Contactless Dining!

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Contactless Dining

Contactless Dining encompasses multiple new technologies developed during the COVID pandemic. Consumers have been quick to adopt these technologies because they are convenient and limit the germs they could otherwise come in contact with. One restaurant recently reported that 80% of their sales comes from online order and pick up. One technology needed for contactless dining is an online menu. No more is it necessary … Read More

What is a Hosted Payment Page?

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A hosted payment page is a secure and simple E-commerce checkout webpage that can collect credit card payments or E-check payments. Some small businesses only have a small number of products or services that they would like to promote and sell on a webpage. These businesses don’t need a full- blown shopping cart. They can instead use a hosted payment page provided by their merchant … Read More

Cash Discounting Allows for Zero Cost Credit Card Processing!

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Cash Discounts Credit Card Processing

Reducing credit card processing fees to ZERO by passing on credit card processing fees to the consumer is a growing trend for merchants.  It is easy to implement with a program called Cash Discounting.  After all, merchants can SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per year, many even monthly!  The post COVID economy gives merchants no choice but to look for ways to save money and preserve … Read More

What is a Payment Gateway?

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Payment Processing Gateway

A payment gateway connects the interface device used by a consumer to the merchant’s payment processor. That processor sends the transaction to a processing bank which authorizes the consumer’s credit card payment and sends it back to the processor, who deposits the credit into the merchant’s bank account. Examples of interface devices are credit card terminals, virtual terminals, POS software systems, E-commerce sites, and mobile … Read More

Mobile App for Home Services Software!

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Put your home services business on autopilot. Nothing beats taking orders while you sleep with online booking. Except for maybe online payment processing connected to those orders. But how about having an easy mobile app that integrates to your CRM software and manages your crew for you? Here are some must have features: 1. Managing crew with GPS routing to save time and dollars. 2. … Read More

Take Online Orders and Payments!

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Taking payments with an app!

In the current and post COVID era, consumers demand fewer people interactions and more convenient ways to order, pay, and pick up items. All over town, we see signs with phone numbers encouraging customers to call in orders. But even the phone is time-consuming for consumers getting busy signals and time-consuming for merchants who have to pay staff to answer the phone. Time is money. … Read More

Options and Resources for COVID-19 Business Relief

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COVID-19 Relief

We understand that this is a trying and uncertain time for small businesses. COVID-19 restrictions have made things difficult with ever changing rules and regulations. Many businesses are struggling to stay afloat but fortunately there are several measures being implemented at both the state and federal level to help ease the economic burden on business owners. We are happy to share some of these options … Read More