Coming Out of Quarantine

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I don’t know about you, but we are slowly starting to relax and not be so freaked out about catching the Coronavirus. We were missing our kids, grandkids and friends! The first thing we did was have our Game Night Group over to the backyard. We chose our backyard because it is the biggest and we can really spread out. Each couple sat 8 feet apart and we just talked. Had a blast! Nobody touched each other or got near each other. The next time, Our Game Night Group got together in our backyard, and we played Pictionary. We always play guys against the gals. We were supposed to each bring our own markers and eraser, but in the end everyone liked this one black marker because it showed up so well on the dry erase board and we were soon sharing it along with one of the erasers. The gals won as usual, by the way. At the end of the evening, we all went home and washed our hands. We all felt very comfortable, safe and like we had protected ourselves. Next month we are getting together on someone else’s patio and we will see how we do then.

Next, we had the adult kids over to the backyard to sit and talk. Danielle who is pregnant brought her own snacks. We sat apart, but one of the other kids was hungry and soon we were sharing Danielle’s food. She brought a cooler full of cheese and crackers plus fruit and cupcakes! So next time I will make snacks for everybody or perhaps we will try a barbecue. Actually, there is a son-in-law with a birthday the end of the month so the scenario will play out at my daughter’s house next weekend.

We missed the grandkids terribly, so we ventured over to their backyard one evening! That was food for the soul to be present together. They had so many stories to tell us!

Then my daughter-in-law asked me to play tennis this past weekend. Yes, it was the pregnant one, Danielle, six months along. We had a great time on a beautiful day! We both felt so good to be back on the tennis court. Of course, we both touched the balls, but afterwards, we went home and washed our hands. I actually have some alcohol wipes in my car as well. She played well and also moved well on the court. No, I wasn’t ashamed to beat a pregnant lady. I decided it was time to get my tennis team back together. So, Thursday night we are hitting the courts for some friendly doubles competition. Can’t wait!  I remembered how much I love tennis!

Walt is going to Colorado for a race in mid-June, so he will be eating at restaurants and staying in a hotel. So, if Walt is ready to move forward, even though he has asthma, then I am certainly ready to hit the courts. I also have a trip planned to Vegas in July with my mastermind, success club. We will see how that pans out!

Happy coming out to all of you! I bet we will be hitting that “V” curve in the economy before we know it!


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