Considerations When Setting Up An Anonymous LLC

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How can Electronic Money Company Merchant Services help business owners who want to set up their business as an Anonymous LLC?

First and foremost, there are the reasons why merchants in general choose us over competitors, such as our honesty and transparency regarding rates and fees plus our in-house, white-glove support and service unrivaled in the industry.

Secondly, often merchants who want to remain anonymous have a business that the merchant services industry considers high risk.  The rates and fees are somewhat higher for merchants in this category.  We have aligned ourselves with a high-risk processor who has proven underwriting systems to get the best rate for high-risk businesses.

What is an Anonymous LLC?

An Anonymous LLC is defined as a limited liability company whose owners are not publicly identifiable by the state. 

We wanted to share an interview with a highly, respected law firm that can help merchants with anonymous LLCs.  We have worked together for years with many happy clients because we hold the same values.

EMC: What sets L4SB apart from other law firms when it comes to LLC formation? 

“L4SB was the first law firm to provide an Anonymous LLC service to the public, by avoiding public disclosure of ownership information (i.e. members) of the LLC in the state in which the LLC is registered.“

Once you have your LLC established, Electronic Money Company can set up merchant Ecommerce accounts that do not need to disclose their address on the internet, which is something that not all merchant processors can do. 

EMC: What would someone need to start an anonymous LLC?

Starting an Anonymous LLC is easy, provided you hire the right company to help you. You only need three things to get started:

  1. An attorney to help set this up.
  2. A name for your company.
  3. Some “physical mailing address” (which cannot be a PO Box). This mailing address can be located anywhere in the world, although we strongly recommend the address not be associated with you. Two common mail options for people include a local UPS box or the Virtual Mailbox Service provided by Law 4 Small Business.

EMC: Does an anonymous LLC shield someone from paying taxes? 

“When filing an LLC, most states require identification of the owners or managers. It is possible to prevent the publication of the ownership information of an LLC to the public. Law 4 Small Business accomplishes this by identifying itself as the organizer and registered agent, the only specific information contained within the Articles of Organization that is published by the State.

Note that anonymity is not absolute. An Anonymous LLC will not prevent you from paying taxes or hiding ownership information from the IRS or your bank. Furthermore, an Anonymous LLC is not immune to lawsuits, and a competent attorney may use the subpoena power of the courts in a lawsuit, to identify the owners of an LLC.”

EMC: Can you give an example of a business that an anonymous LLC would be ideal for? 

“Anonymous LLCs are the perfect choice for landlords who don’t want to be contacted by tenants (especially those landlords who have property managers), famous individuals who want to conduct business privately, abused victims who wish to prevent their aggressors from looking them up, and business leaders who prefer a level of privacy and separation from their personal lives.”

L4SB is available to help you with all of your business needs and questions. Please reach out with questions or more information: or call us Toll Free at 1-888-992-4952.

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