Contactless Dining!

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Contactless Dining

Contactless Dining encompasses multiple new technologies developed during the COVID pandemic. Consumers have been quick to adopt these technologies because they are convenient and limit the germs they could otherwise come in contact with. One restaurant recently reported that 80% of their sales comes from online order and pick up.

One technology needed for contactless dining is an online menu. No more is it necessary to keep hundreds of menus on hand. They are germ magnets. The online menu also needs to be easy for consumers to read and search. Online ordering can turn away customers if they have to scroll down through pages and pages of items to find what they are looking for. So a good online order page needs to have menu items underneath categories which are organized and quick to find. Besides making contactless dining easy, online ordering pages need to give the customer the option to order from home or on the road for take out or delivery.

Another technology is the ability to collect payments online. This ensures the restaurant that they have been paid before they cook the food. It saves payroll time ringing up customers payments when they come in to pick up their meals. It saves customers time standing in line to pay.

A third technology that serves restaurants well is if the online order goes immediately to their kitchen. Some systems require a waiter to read the online order from one tablet and then manually enter it into another system before it goes to the kitchen. Orders directed to the kitchen give quick service to the customer and save time and money in staff time for the restaurant owner.

And a fourth technology is having a system that organizes your delivery orders so you can deliver them yourself. GPS tracking built in to your system allows restaurants to not only schedule deliveries for quick delivery and hot food, but also save money on gas and track the drivers. Relying on outside vendors can leave much to be desired regarding service. Food that doesn’t arrive on time and HOT, can lead to fewer sales.

With any restaurant POS system tied to online order and pay, ticket #s tied to the order are a must. A sign that displays tickets orders that are ready, make pick up fast and convenient for the customers. Any time you serve the customer well with hot food and easy take out or fast delivery will grow the restaurants sales and profits. Restaurants that are still taking order over the phone are missing the boat. Click here to learn more.  Or simply pick up the phone and call 505-296-2847 and ask for a demo. Check our Facebook page for the most recent special offers to help you get started with a minimum investment. In fact, a lot of times we can save you on your payment processing fees so that the system is FREE!

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