Easy Inventory Tracking in a Tablet POS!

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Easy Inventory Tracking in a Tablet POS!

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Stop Inventory from walking out the door and grow your bottom line with an easy inventory tracking tool in a tablet POS!

Hi Ginger Gay with Electronic Money Company.

Today i want to tell you a story about inventory walking out the door, this happened at a fast food wings restaurant because i like to encourage business owners if they get a point of sale system to utilize the whole system, including tracking inventory.

But they didn’t have time for that so they told me, “well, here’s what happened…” They had several locations, the manager stopped by, usually once a day at each location and at one particular place. He was in the refrigerator for something and noticed a paper sack and he asked somebody, “what’s in the paper sack?” and they said… “oh, Joe brought his lunch today, now he offered his employees 50 percent off.”

Apparently that was not enough and Joe really was frugal and brought his lunch, but the manager noticed the next day there was a paper sack in the refrigerator and the third day in a row and then he decided to just kind of peek into the paper sack and what he discovered was not Joe’s lunch. He had a package of frozen wings in there that he was pilfering slowly day in and day out, taking some of the product home for his own use later.

This story demonstrates obviously why you should scan your inventory track in a prep meal. The meat, the most expensive thing that goes into that meal prep and it’s easy to do with a point of sale system.

We can give you a scanner and when the food comes off the truck, you can scan it automatically and goes in your inventory. It matches up with your purchase order, it really is easy peasy. It’s a matter of habit and here’s a way to grow your bottom line. Just take that few extra minutes and scan your inventory in and take a few extra minutes at the beginning of setting up your point of sale to set up the items that go into that meal prep and your point of sale system will give you reports on discrepancies, if the inventory’s gone before it’s supposed to be gone.

We have a special offer if you read this blog or watch our youtube video. Give us a call and talk to us about a point of sale system, we’ll give you a free scanner with your order.

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