Scam – Horrible Swindle

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One of our favorite salespeople called on a husband/wife merchant for credit card processing. They gave him a monthly statement to review, but were acting quite nervous. Our salesperson brought them back a comparison, explained all the fees, and showed them where we could save them money. They understood and acknowledged they wanted to save money, but they were absolutely scared to death to switch.

It turns out that they were so nervous because their previous salesperson, Bob from Brand X, had sold them some equipment on a lease for $39.95, but he secretly changed it to $89.95 after they had signed. They argued until they were blue in the face with the leasing company, but got nowhere because they hadn’t saved a copy of the document they signed with Bob. We did end up lowering their rates and reprogramming their leased equipment. And of course, we left them a copy of everything they signed before leaving their store. But what a horrible thing to do to somebody, Bob!