Marketing Integrated with Your POS System

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Marketing Integrated with Your POS System

POS Systems were created to integrate with invoicing and payment processing. This was a great advance over the credit card terminal sitting next to a POS. But as technology advances, the POS has incorporated all the systems for the business owner. One of those systems is marketing with your POS, which is the feature I want to address
in this blog.

Not all POS systems have marketing integrated, but let’s talk about one that does at Facebook is an inexpensive yet powerful marketing platform for a lot of small businesses. A popular app for creating a landing page for a Facebook ad and capturing contact information is Click Funnels. It costs about $200/month. The Facebook ad is the first step at the top of the funnel for gathering contact information for use in further marketing. Typically, the Facebook ad promotes something for free like a downloadable report, a book that can be ordered for the price of shipping, or a free discovery session at the place of business. For example, a free discovery session is often promoted at gyms. It gives the customer a chance to try the gym out before signing up for a membership.

A website builder is included in BookingOnlineSoftwareSystems. It has an easy to build, drop and drag functionality to create a beautiful website. This feature saves a business owner thousands of dollars in web development. It also has the ability to create landing pages that link the contact information directly to the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) inside the software.

It additionally saves the business owner $200/month because they don’t need to use Click Funnels anymore. Plus, the business owner solves the problem of transferring contact information for marketing from Click Funnels to the CRS inside his POS system.

Booking Online Software Systems also has text and email marketing built-in. That capability saves the business owner the headache of transferring contact data from the POS to a separate marketing platform. Electronic Money Company is proud to offer Booking Online Software Systems to merchants who want real-time booking online plus a website builder. Check it out by clicking on the link.