Scam – Missing Close Letter

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We have a client who switched over to us a few months ago. We heard from them last week that they are still having trouble cancelling their old merchant account. We explained that the best way to do that is in writing and by getting confirmation via fax machine that the fax was sent. We also advised her to keep a copy of that fax confirmation. Lo and behold, she explained to us that she had done all of that, multiple times even, and still her account was open and incurring monthly minimum fees. Unfortunately, we don’t know what to advise someone who is getting stuck with fees from a dishonest company. Perhaps changing bank accounts is all we could come up with. We know that is a pain and yes, you would probably get a hit on your credit report, but that beats paying fees every month to a scam company. Of course, Bob is no longer in existence on the face of this earth to help her.