Next Day Funding for Credit Card Processing Deposits!

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Next Day Deposits

Surprisingly, there are still a lot of merchants who are still waiting a couple or three days to get their credit card deposits! We thought that next day funding was automatic, but apparently it is not.
Most processors have an option to batch before 6 or 8 PM EST in order for a merchant to receive deposits the next morning. The time varies slightly between processors. If that time frame is missed, then the deposits are deposited the following day. The batch time can be challenging for merchants on the west coast, but they can batch most of their days business at least in the middle of their afternoon. Many times we learn that merchants have never been advised by their credit card processing salesperson that they can get their funds the next morning. Now that you are aware, simply ask your processor what their policy is. Some will add an extra fee for next day funding but not many.

In addition to next day funding, some processors offer instant deposit! Refer to our blog, for more information on instant deposit. There is a small fee, but sometimes you want the option of getting a large deposit quickly. Merchants also have options to auto-batch or manual batch. Auto- batch allows the processor to pull the batch automatically at a set time. This gives merchants their money relatively quickly even if they forget to batch their terminal before they shut down for the day. Manual batch can always be performed, even when auto-batch is set up and in place.

If your processor does not have a good option for you to get your money next day,
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