No Rate or Fee Increase

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The way the game is played: A processor starts talking to a merchant about lower rates. They sign them up with an “introductory” low rate but forget to tell the merchant it is only introductory. Or they lie about their comparison analysis of rates and take advantage of the trusting merchant who does not know how to read a merchant statement, nor does he want to learn how to read one. Either way, after a year goes by, rates and fees start to creep up. First it is a rate hike to cover “interchange rate increases”. The following year it is called a “technology annual fee” or a “chargeback monthly fee” or a “marketing tool fee” or any other “pick-a-name-for-it” fee. It is the story of the frog in a pot of hot water. It feels nice at first and then slowly the processor turns up the heat hoping the frog doesn’t notice and jump out. After time the water is turned up so high that it kills the frog.

Electronic Money Company does not play this game. WE WANT TO KEEP OUR MERCHANTS FOR LIFE. We nurture them like family. And sneaking in rate increases and hoping the merchant doesn’t notice is not the right way to treat family. Eventually the merchant figures out the scam and leaves for another merchant processor.