Take Online Orders and Payments!

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Taking payments with an app!

In the current and post COVID era, consumers demand fewer people interactions and more convenient ways to order, pay, and pick up items. All over town, we see signs with phone numbers encouraging customers to call in orders. But even the phone is time-consuming for consumers getting busy signals and time-consuming for merchants who have to pay staff to answer the phone. Time is money. An app that displays products and services and has an easy way to order, pay, and schedule pick-ups, outperforms the old school method of browsing around the store and standing in line to order and pay.

Apps with online ordering and payment acceptance are saving merchants overhead and making life so convenient for customers. This combination drives sales and profits to the bottom line, so needed in this COVID economy.

Apps and POS Systems are marrying up together. Apps that can orders and payments automatically are often built into POS software, which tracks inventory, order history, and offer many reporting tools. Even text and email communication, marketing tools, loyalty programs, and coupons are built into POS

However, a merchant does not have to change out all of their current POS stations. Just adding one new station to receive online orders can give a massive boost in revenue to a business and, at the same time, reduce overhead.

In particular, fast food and take-out restaurants can add a significant advantage with online ordering and payment. Orders will arrive directly into their kitchen. Staff for taking orders can be reduced. Get your life back with systems that are automated to ring up sales! Grow that bottom line fast with this one small change to your system.

Even the city streets will be safer. With the old model, cars can be stacked up around the block at mealtime. The efficiency, from online order and pay, saves overhead for the restaurant and gives a vast satisfaction in service to the customers. Online order and pay are a must-have to thrive in the restaurant business today.

Every day you delay adapting this new technology is like dragging an anchor behind you in your quest for success. Electronic Money Company is rolling out a POS software product tailor-fit for the new current and post COVID era. CONTACT US NOW to start thriving in the new marketplace with online ordering and payment!