Scam – The PCI Trick

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Today, one of our merchants called because they had received a phone call from someone saying they were with merchant services regarding their PCI compliance. The caller went on to explain that their machine was not PCI compliant and that he could send out a new one at no cost right away. Our merchant was wise and pushed to find out from the caller exactly who would cover the cost of the new machine. He finally admitted that he was from another processor and could give her a new machine if she switched. (New rates would cover the cost of a new machine.)
WOW! Sleazy Bob has lowered himself to a new even lower level of no integrity, trying to scare and trick merchants using PCI as a weapon. As I explained previously, terminals are required to be EMV chip ready by October, 2015, but this is not a PCI situation. No one has a terminal that is not PCI compliant, and PCI and EMV are two separate issues.