POS Light – POS System Inside a Credit Card Terminal!

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POS Light – POS System Inside a Credit Card Terminal!

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POS systems come with a multitude of features and functionality. But what if you want something simpler?  That is why POS Light was created. Maybe you don’t need a CRM, ordering, inventory tracking, marketing, payroll tracking, or online ordering. Perhaps you prefer a simpler operating system that takes orders and payments.

There is a credit card terminal, called the Pax A920, that allows POS software companies to load a lighter version of their system that focuses on ordering and integrated payments without having to learn a whole new way of running your operation. A scanner is built into this device that will allow you to ring up the items by scanning a bar code. The items are listed on the large screen of the device for easy viewing.  They are also printed out onto the receipt for the customer.  The tax is automatically added to the total.  The device takes a credit card payment and prints a receipt for the customer and the merchant.  And you are done and ready to move on to the next customer. This device also allows you to add a custom fee onto the total to “cover” the merchant services fees.

You can take orders from anywhere because the POS light in the Pax A920 can be used wirelessly on the road or it can be used via your wifi, allowing you to move it around inside your brick-and-mortar shop. You can take your ordering and payment system to the customer versus having them stand in line at the counter.

When you are ready to take another step up to a full POS system, then this terminal can be incorporated into that system. You will already be familiar with one of the main functions of a POS system, ordering, which will make learning the other management systems inside the POS much easier to automate your operation.

If you want an inexpensive step up from your credit card terminal and cash register, give us a call at 505-296-2847!

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