Put Your Business on Autopilot with the Right POS System

Angela HudginsPoint of Sale Computer/Tablet SystemsLeave a Comment

POS Systems have evolved to create and manage many business systems on autopilot, invoicing, receivables, payments, fulfillment, and even marketing. They drive new and repeat customers to purchase their products and services, and at the same time, save hours of payroll costs.

It used to be that businesses had one system for tracking inventory and ringing up sales and a credit card terminal for payments. Now those two systems are married together. POS systems continue to expand and integrate more systems like marketing and communication with customers. Customers can order, schedule services and appointments, pay, and pick up products with little interaction with the business’s employees. The POS system can send out text and email reminders about dates and times for those engagements. Many have full marketing campaigns. Communication between the company and its customer is automated and yields excellent service. Staff size can be reduced, saving the business money.

POS systems can have built-in loyalty programs and gift card tracking. Some can schedule and track crew for delivery of services. Most have customer relationship management with unlimited data fields for each contact.

Some can also come loaded with drop and drag website creation. Website updates become easy to implement and save companies a ton of money on website developers. Business owners can create landing pages for Facebook ads without paying for an additional app.

Some POS systems come loaded with so many features that no other apps are necessary. Others can integrate with apps on the market. Zapier is a great tool which helps merchant integrate other apps to their POS systems. In summary, the right POS can automate systems and give the small business owner his life back. It can replace the exhausting and inefficient old method of doing things manually.

With the right POS system, the business can grow the bottom line in two ways, increased sales and reducing expenses.

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As POS systems are married to payment processing, many software companies have proprietary payment systems. For example, Clover systems are proprietary systems for First Data processing. Only credit card processing salespeople who work with a First Data merchant services provider can sell a Clover system. Suppose that salesperson signs the merchant up with a high processing rate or that the rates get higher over time. In that case, the only way the merchant can lower their fees is to request lower rates from the salesperson or purchase a new Clover system or even a different system.

We are now getting requests from merchants who want to separate the payment processing from their industry-specific POS system because of high rates. This appears counterproductive to the software company. When customers start shopping for one part of their software system, they can lose the customer altogether.

We also work with software companies to support and grow their bottom line with integrated payment processing. We build relationships with their clientele and grow their customer base with fair rates for their clientele and white-glove service and support. Please chat online with us to learn more.