Freezing of Funds

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During this time of social distancing and businesses shutting down, some credit card processors are freezing merchants’ funds. Why do they do this? The answer goes back to understanding our system of credit card processing. Merchants are so used to taking credit cards and seeing money go into their bank account that they think credit card transactions are cash transactions. After all, if it looks … Read More

Understanding the Risk of Taking Credit Card Payments as Deposits!

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One of my merchants, Sarah, has a tour company. She books tour events months in advance. She needs to reserve buses, restaurants, and hotels months in advance. She has cancellation penalties on those reservations. Her spots are limited on the tour as well, so if someone cancels at the last minute and she doesn’t refill the spot, she loses income. Sarah had a problem with … Read More

Zero Cost Credit Card Processing!

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Zero is a BIG DEAL! Zero Cost Credit Card Processing Can Save You 3 to 4%! How can you legitimately pass the credit card processing fees off to the consumer and put that 3 to 4% back in your pocket? Here are the various ways: Raise your prices to cover the overhead cost of payment processing. Charge a “Surcharge” for Visa and MasterCard charges. A … Read More

Payment Processing Sneaky Rate Increase Scam!

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It is amazing to us at Electronic Money Company, how many merchant service providers think up new fees and sneak them in under the radar in small print on a merchant statement! Many merchants don’t even look at their merchant statements because they don’t take the time to read the details every month, or because they have bookkeepers whose job is not management of money, … Read More