Credit Card Processing Rates – Are You Paying Tiered Pricing or Cost-Plus Pricing?

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Credit Card Processing Rates

Tiered Pricing With this pricing format, the processor throws all transactions into three buckets with only three rates. Generally, one bucket is for swiped transactions, one for keyed transactions and rewards cards, and a third for business cards or keyed-in rewards cards. The buckets are called qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified. This pricing system allows for an easy to understand merchant statement because there are only … Read More

Want Your Money Fast? Deposit Funding Now in 4 Hours!

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People ask all the time, when do I get my credit card deposits in my bank account? In 1950, when the Diner’s club card was established as an alternative to cash, and in particular used when taking business clients out to dinner at restaurants, the turnaround time for deposited funds to the merchant was 60 days! When we first started selling merchant services in the … Read More