How Technology Can Create a Database of Your Customers and Help You Identify Their Buying Preferences

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A common trait we see among small businesses is that they are not taking advantage of the latest trends in smart technology. With new technology trends and applications, businesses can streamline how they receive information from customers, and even offer personalized rewards based on their preferences.

Cloud-based tablets are growing in popularity for small businesses, and for a good reason. They not only make it easy to capture payment from a customer, but they provide the business an easy way to ask for the customer’s email address right below where they sign for their credit card. Instantaneously you’ve created a database and gained the ability to communicate with the customer and inspire a repeat visit. With something like an email-drip campaign, you can automatically send an email that offers your customer incentives or introduces items of interest that can draw them back to your business. Amazon is very good at this. When you purchase a product, you automatically get a suggestion of other items to buy that were purchased by others that also purchased the product you just bought.

What does this all mean?
Every time a customer swipes or inserts their credit cards to make a purchase, POS systems with a cloud-based operator like a tablet, can store their information to create a customer list, customized for each client’s individualized likes such as most purchased product or how often they visit a certain location. With this information, merchants can tailor their sales tactics without having to lift a finger. Plus having a customer database adds a huge asset value when it comes time to sell your business.

In addition to being able to refine your marketing, tablet POS systems can track inventory, provide checks and balances against employee theft, schedule employees, track payroll, create a more efficient workflow plus improve customer satisfaction.

To learn more about how a tablet POS system can enhance your bottom line as well as the consumer’s experience, watch our video. Or call us at 866-898-7618. We look forward to learning more about your business and ways we can help!