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Why do we stand out in the merchant services industry? Listen to clients tell you why.

“Hello my name is Dave and I’ve been here 34 years working Martin Brothers Plumbing.  My brother is owner and we had a lot of problems with our credit card processing company. Every time I had a problem, I used to have to call them. They’re out of New York. They didn’t have anybody local to come and help me.  I always had to call them after work and I would have to be an hour or 2 hours on the phone with them. We were having a lot of problems.

Me and my brother decided to go with another company and about a week or two later Ginger comes in and she tells us all about her card processing company and we decided to go with her. It’s been good with her. Any problems we have, we just call them. They’re local and they come and fix it right away. There are no problems at all anymore. We’re very happy with them. They are a very good company to work with.”

Dave – 0:08

My name is Kim and I’m with Bob’s Burgers. I’m just wanting to talk a little bit about why we love Electronic Money Company.  We’ve been with them for a decade.  I get so many phone calls, probably three per week, who are trying to take our business. But I definitely wouldn’t want to leave Electronic Money Company for sever reasons.

The first reason is that I always get to talk to a live person. I am never talking to someone in another city or another country.  If we ever have any issues with our credit card system, I get to talk to Ginger or somebody on her team, on the spot, and they are awesome at troubleshooting. They will never just leave it up to me. If they don’t know the answer, they figure out what the problem is. They are at the store like within an hour or within the same day for sure and they just never leave us hanging. I love that they’re business-minded because they understand how important it is that our credit card system is up and live and going. It’s a huge part of our business and they understand how important it is that we just can’t be down. Overall, they’re just a great company, so easy to work with and so customer focused. I just love that!  I just won’t be going anywhere.

Kim – 1:15

Hi, my name is Dr. Robbann Sica and I’ve been running a successful integrative medicine practice for over 35 years. We switched over a year or so ago to the Electronic Money Company for our credit card processing and I can’t even tell you the difference it has made for us. Not only are we realizing a significant savings on credit card processing fees, but we also saved a lot of cost, money, time and hassle achieving compliance with the PCI regulations.

With the help of Electronic Money Company, they made it easy and I have much peace of mind. I feel confident that my clients’ financial information and credit card information is secure and that means a lot to me.

Their customer service at Electronic Money Company is excellent. It’s very responsive, quick and very helpful, I’m thankful and grateful to you.  Electronic Money Company,thank you so much. I think you guys are awesome!

Dr. Robban Sica – 2:36

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