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FREE Setup Costs For Text To Pay Service

Text to Pay is just like sending invoices in an email with a
click to pay button.

The newer technology is now
Text to Pay!

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Text to Pay is just like sending invoices in an email with a click to pay button, only using text messaging to send the click to pay button.  Just like in an email, the link takes them to a website where they can enter a credit card or debit card for their invoice payment.  The newer technology is now Text to Pay.  Most people are on their phone versus a desktop,  and most people pick up text messages quickly.   So why wouldn’t a merchant want to make payments easy for their customers and why wouldn’t merchants want to get paid quickly?  Of course, they would want to.

Text to Pay is not tied to your merchant processor.  It is simply a matter of adding a gateway so that you can send out Text to Pay invoices  The cost is ridiculously cheap and the reward is hugely beneficial!  It is like putting cash flow on speed dial.  And customers love the convenience!

The Text to Pay service allows you to organize and send out your invoices from your phone or from a website.  You get a special phone number for the service.  Text to Pay allows you to  have text conversations with your customers.  In addition, the service can set up automated text messages to remind customers to pay, thank them for paying or even communicate details about their purchase.  There might be particulars about when they can pick up their purchase or when a delivery is scheduled to arrive.

Communicating directly with customers on their phones is faster communication than phone calls or emails.  The new money is time.  The speed of money will grow your business. Customers will love the convenience and want to purchase again.

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