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Some savvy companies already use twitter to monitor customer complaints and address customer service. But it’s now going a step further than that, where you can tweet at the store and get fashion or purchasing advise on the spot

It’s all done by software made by HipLogiq, which combs Twitter looking for tweets that would include a client’s keywords and phrases. “A women’s clothing store client, for example, may be looking for ‘fashion,’ ‘cute outfit,’ or ‘closet makeover’ on Twitter,” says HipLogiq Marketing Director Ben Read. “Once our software flags the Tweet on a user-friendly dashboard, the owner can then reply back with an offer to encourage then to take a look at their store.”

With all the changes coming to retail in the next few years, It’s easy to feel a bit disconnected. Who thought a decade ago that things would change so fast? Yet with so many of the revolutions aimed at convenience, there’s reason for optimism that consumers will still retain a key portion of the control – including what to purchase, and when. Hopefully, it will become even more a question of the process getting easier.

As Molloy says, “It’s reaching out and interacting, being able to have a more personalized dialogue. It’s where we are as consumers, that people want that kind of individuation, And people want a continuous experience whether people are speaking to someone, or on a tablet, or on a smartphone. All the pieces in the process will know you and what your interest are.”

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