Scam – Is it Worth it to Switch?

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Bob’s favorite pitch still seems to be, “Let me do a comparison and I guarantee I’ll save you money.” Ask yourself if you want to save money if it is going to cost you more in other areas.
Do you want to go through the hassle of doing a comparison, which will be in hieroglyphics instead of English, to possibly only save a couple bucks? Do you want to give up the local service and support you now have? Do you want to change over to a company who uses technicians from China or India? Do you want to get locked into a long contract with a company and people you do not know or trust? Do you want to send your money to a company out of state? Do you want to get stuck in a contract with a HUGE termination fee if you later decide to leave their lousy service? Do you want to pad Bob’s pocket with a commission when you will probably never see or hear from him again? Do you want to call 1-800-IGNORE-ME for service questions?
Isn’t your time more valuable than to bother with a scammer like Bob?