The Zig Zigler Pump Story!

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In the old days, people had to get water from their well with a water pump. The trick to getting the water to flow was to pump, and pump and keep pumping until the water started to flow. Then you could relax on the pumping and the water would still keep flowing for a while. If you got tired and stopped pumping, the water you had already brought up partway into the pipe would go back down to the bottom of the well. Then your work became harder because you had to start the process all over again, but this time you were already tired before starting.

Zig Zigler tells this story as a metaphor. We are all entrpreneurs reading this newsletter and we should all be able to relate. When you go after a new market, invest in new equipment or start at new project, you have to exert extra effort in that endeavor. Stay focused. Do not quit partway through. After you make the decision to start, see it through to the end. When the going gets tough, the tough keep going. Surely then you will realize the success you were after and the monetary rewards will flow!