How do daylight savings time changes affect my terminal?

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Whenever there is a time change, it is prudent to change the time in your terminal. Why?

First of all, the time is stamped onto each receipt. If there are any questions about a transaction, the time could be a factor in troubleshooting.

Second and most importantly, if you are on autobatch, in other words the machine batches itself out at the end of your business day, then your batch time and your deposit to your bank can be affected. Next day funding, in particular, is dependent on batches being completed by a specific time deadline. Otherwise, it may take an extra day to receive your money. For example, if next day funding is dependent on the batch being performed by 5 PM, and your terminal says 5 PM when it is really 6 PM, then the terminal will batch after the specific batch time deadline and you will not receive your “next day funding” until an additional 24 hours later.