How to Compare One Processor’s Rates to Another!

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Not a simple question. Not a simple answer.

There are two things you can do.

  1. Get educated. The more you understand the rates and fees, the better you will be at smelling out a rat.
  2. But even if you are a novice at understanding merchant statements, you can ask questions about service and support! And make a couple test phone calls to the support department. Don’t just take the salesman’s word about their quality service.

At the beginning of a new card processing relationship, you may not think you will have a reconciliation problem. You don’t expect trouble with technology. You may naively think you won’t need help with PCI. In fact, things may click along for a year without a major hiccup. But when your processing is down and…

  • You can’t process
  • Customers are walking out the door
  • Your customer is screaming about being double charged
  • Your bookkeeper can’t find missing deposits
  • Calling tech support can be like dialing Mars for quality service!

Customer service and talking to someone who knows you by name, cares what your name is and cares about helping you is HUGELY IMPORTANT!