The 1-800-IGNORE-ME Tech Support Story! – NOT with Electronic Money Company

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Have you experienced this tech support situation?

  • Step 1: Please enter your merchant ID#. (Oh, you don’t have it and now you have to find it and call back.)
  • Step 2: Please enter your business phone #.
  • Step 3: Please confirm the name of your business.
  • Step 4: Press 1 for terminal support and 2 for merchant services, 3 for questions about your statement, 4……..0 for operator.
  • Step 5: Press 1 for terminal model VX series, press 2 for FD series, press 3 for ……..0 for operator. (Oh, you don’t know what model terminal you have and now you have to figure it out and call back and start the steps all over again.)
  • Step 6: Finally you are on the phone with someone from India, who is hard to understand, and they spend a brief time with you and tell you to call your sales rep and get a new terminal. In other words, they get points for how fast they can “help” you and get you off the phone.
  • Step 7: So you call back a 3rd time and you finally get someone with a bit of patience. But after half an hour they still can’t figure out the solution to your problem, so they elevate you to level 2. That person has to start all over with the troubleshooting you have already done and another half hour goes by and they elevate you to level 3. Then you start all over again going through the same steps for the third time and they ask you to hold, but oh,oh, the line dropped!!!

Now you have to start all over yet again dialing the tech support at 1-800-IGNORE-ME!

You will never have the 1-800-IGNORE-ME problem with Electronic Money Company.
We reduce the 7 steps to 1 step, the original phone call. 

We have our own in house client service and support. We know our client’s by name and they know us by name. We know their merchant ID # and their model of equipment. We already are level 3 support! We build relationships with our merchants. And we care!