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Merchant Services Done Right!

Have you been scammed by hidden fees?

Are you Missing the Service in Merchant Services?

Are you fed up with high fees and rate increases?

What Does The Right Merchant Services Look Like?
This is how it should work

Honesty Upfront with Full Disclosure of Every Fee!

Have you been hoodwinked by a credit card salesperson before? Have hidden fees shown up on your merchant statement? Not with Electronic Money Company. We are 100% transparent upfront and explain every fee on your application before it shows up on your merchant statement.

Priority Service and
Support Hot Line

Bat Phone Access to our In-House Service and Support Team over and above our processor’s 24/7/365 support. We answer the phone live. We don’t have to ask you for your merchant ID# or terminal equipment model because we have your information on our computer screen right in front of us when you call. We recognize your name and voice and you know your relationship manager by name and voice as well. You are part of our family of merchants and we treat you as such.

No Rate or Fee
Increases Ever!

We do not play games and raise rates or add fees every 6 months like most other processors. The rate you start with is the rate you keep for the life of your business. That would not be the right way to treat family.

Payment Processing Can Be Confusing
We Can Help!

Why we're different

I am nurturing by nature having raised eight children. So I treat our customers like family. Once merchants discover our way of honest service and caring support, they stay with us for the life of their business.

Solutions for All Payment Types

What Our Customer Say

Johnny on the Spot!

"We have been using Electronic Money Company for six years at our 10 locations in Albuquerque. We chose EMC because a colleague recommended them, and they lowered our rates substantially. Our rep and the business owner, Ginger, is Johnny on the Spot with service. We never have to call the 1-800 line to the front end processor because Ginger has her own technical support in-house. We know them by name, and they know us. Whenever glitches occur, Ginger comes out personally to service our equipment the same day we call her. We don’t have to worry about a thing. EMC takes on all the hassles of technical support."

Clifford and Lydia Salas Bobs Burgers, Albuquerque January 15, 2020

So Much More!

“EMC is our credit card processor, but they so much more!  They handle all of the paperwork when we open or close a new office, work closely with our IS and Telecomm team, and are available for trouble-shooting at any of our 20+ locations within 24 hours.  Whatever we need, I can trust EMC to take care of it and keep me in the loop. ”

Diana Green Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center February 26, 2018

Great Product and Caring Support!

“You have such a great product with caring support! It is refreshing to find a company like this. It is so vital for us, little guys, the small business owner. You treat me special as if I was one of your big clients, which I know you have as well. I will continue to recommend you to all my clients. I run across so many people fed up with the non-service from their credit card processor. I like your slogan that you are the opposite of 1-800-ignore-me.”

Steve Holland Holland's Office Products, Gallup, NM February 26, 2018

Electronic Money Company Has Saved Us!

“A credit card processing salesperson was pressuring us to switch and supposedly save money, but we knew better. Electronic Money Company has saved us twice from rate increases this year alone!”

Saundra Thompson ABQ Shoes February 26, 2018

Clients For Life!

“Here is why Electronic Money Company has clients for life and why we integrated their payment processing to our software.

In the world of merchant services, it's easy to think of the services as a commodity (who has the best rates is all that matters) but unfortunately even if that's all that matters to you it's very difficult to tell one from another or to be able to predict good future service from bad service since all you start with is the sales person in front of you spewing lots of numbers and jargon that seems to differ from one sales person to the next (each saying that the other one is lying).

As someone who has tried quite a few merchant service providers over the years I can tell you that all of my relationships have turned sour due to hidden fees and percentages creeping onto my monthly bills over the course of time. All except for one. Electronic Money Company has been the first HONEST company I've ever worked with. Their service has been outstanding. If we have a question, they answer it or find the answer quickly and they have delivered as promised with no hidden fees or sleazy car salesman tactics.

If you need merchant services for your company or integrated payments for your software, Electronic Money Company is the place to be. Plus they have great rates and are always willing to beat the competition.”

Rob Weinstein Event Rental Systems Software February 26, 2018

Great Company!

“Great company. Personal service is amazing. The company works as a team to give complete customer satisfaction. They have been flawless in their attention to detail.”

Glenn Post Pecos River Campground July 26, 2017


“I've been in business for over 35 years and have used a number of credit card processors. Gingergaye's company is the BEST! No only did they save us money on processing fees, they also took care of credit card compliance requirements, saving us many hours and lots of hassle. We now are confident we are compliant and secure. Customer service is excellent and it is easy to talk to a live person to get answers resolved. Thank you, Gingergaye! I can't recommend you highly enough!”

Robban Sica, MD July 26, 2017

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Payment Processing Can Be Confusing
We Can Help!