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Confused About Your Merchant Services Fees?

Find out What You are Really Paying Your Processor in the Video to the Right!

Here is a very basic breakdown of the types of fees you will find on your merchant statement:

  • Brand Fees

    These are the fees Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover charge.

  • Interchange Rates

    These are the fees set by the banks who issue the credit cards. These fees are comprised a rate and a transaction fee depending on the risk associated with the card.
    Example: Debit cards have little risk because they are coming out of a checking account and therefore have the lowest rates. Regular credit cards have a middle risk. Rewards cards are a bit higher risk than regular credit cards because somebody has to provide an airline ticket. The highest risk cards are corporate cards because they are used fraudulently more than the other cards.

  • Processor Fees

    These are the fees your processor charges to service your account. The challenge lies in that these fees are not easily identifiable on your statement nor easily presented by most credit card processing salespeople.
    Get an honest evaluation with Electronic Money Company! We will break your statement down into these 3 simple buckets so you know exactly how much you are paying your processor for his service.

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What Are Your Fees?

Find out how much you are paying your processor.