How to Choose the Best Credit Card Processor!
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Do you have these problems with your current merchant services provider?


  • Terminal is Broken
  • Missing Deposits
  • High Rates
  • You Lose a Chargeback
  • Rate Increases
  • Struggle with PCI Survey
  • Your Support # is 800-IGNORE-ME
  • You Signed up with a Middleman who Passes the Buck
  • Stuck in a Lousy Contract

Our Solution

  • We visit your place of business and troubleshoot until broken terminal is fixed.
  • We relentlessly troubleshoot until you get your missing money.
  • We are honest and don’t sneak in extra fees with our low rates.
  • We notify you immediately and then guide your through the steps to win it back.
  • We refuse all rate increases from the processor for our entire portfolio of clients.
  • We  guide your through the  questions on the PCI survey until you pass.
  • We have our own in-house technical support team.
  • The buck stops with EMC. 
  • We pay off your termination fee.

Industries We Serve

Problems Go Away With Electronic Money Company !

E-Commerce Service
Automatic Merchant Tools
Credit Card Processing Services
Integrated Payment Solutions


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Thank You!

"Hi guys, ok......I’m feeling better....I’m over the shock of the chargeback. I am so thankful for you all. Who has a processor that calls on a Friday afternoon on their way to a Christmas party? Who answers the phone while cooking the party food? You guys do and that, to me, is priceless!!"

Tam Chavez Tour New Mexico January 15, 2020

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