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Create an additional revenue stream by offering your clients your own customized merchant services program. Electronic Money Company will save your clients money on the credit card processing fees, clarify the complexity of payment processing, and enhance the merchant services experience your clients receive. We have your client’s back with white glove service unrivaled in the industry.

When your clients have a question or concern, they can call directly to our in-house customer service and support. We answer calls live and treat your clients like family. Problems go away FAST with EMC. Stop their frustration with 1-800-IGNORE-ME technical support people outsourced from foreign countries speaking English as a second language!


“As someone who has tried quite a few name brand merchant service providers for our clients over the years, I can tell you that all of my relationships have turned sour for my clients due to hidden fees and percentages creeping onto their monthly bills over the course of time. All except for one. Electronic Money Company has been the first honest company I’ve ever worked with. Their service has been outstanding. They have our client’s back. And their residual share with me has been twice as much as the brand providers claimed they would share!” Rob Weinstein, Event Rental Systems

White Glove Service Unrivaled in the Industry

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