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DejaPayPro Point Of Sale System

Inexpensive POS Package for One Location Small Businesses!

A Basic System without the Hefty Hardware Cost

Many small businesses don’t require all the bells, whistles, and marketing apps that come with a Clover or other complex POS system. Instead, they seek a solution that caters to their essential needs. DejaPayPro is the answer.

Compatibility with Your Existing Hardware

DejaPayPro works seamlessly with both Android and iOS tablets, so if you already own a relatively current tablet, you can integrate it into this new system. It’s a cost-effective way to set up a POS system without the cost of purchasing new tablets.

DejaPayPro is compatible with almost any cash drawer, receipt printer, and scanner. If you’re dissatisfied with your current POS software, consider making the switch to DejaPayPro. It enables you to utilize your existing hardware as you transition to a new POS system without a substantial investment upfront.

Hassle-Free Installation and Training

DejaPayPro provides step-by-step guidance through the installation process via Zoom calls. They also offer comprehensive training for you and your staff on how to use the software effectively, and ongoing training for new employees.

Electronic Money Company guides you through the preparation stage for your new equipment.

The installer from DejaPayPro is an expert, patient, and methodical. Their in-depth knowledge of the software ensures a smooth and headache-free installation.

Easy Inventory Transition

DejaPayPro simplifies the process of transferring your inventory. If you can download an Excel spreadsheet from your old system, DejaPayPro can upload your inventory into the new software, saving you the hassle of manual data entry.

Round-the-Clock Support

DejaPayPro provides live phone support ensuring quick and efficient answer to your queries.

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