Benefits of SAAS Payment Processing Integration with Electronic Money Company Merchant Services!

1. We share residual income from payment processing with you!

2. We provide stickiness to your software solution! We cement the relationship of your clients with you with:

  1. Extraordinary customer service and support from within the US.
  2. Answering the phone live.
  3. Help fighting chargebacks
  4. Support for PCI compliance
  5. Fair Rates that will never increase

3. Easy API integration with our support team!

Features & Tools

1. Split Payments – We can split the credit card receivable and payment processing fee amount to multiple recipients.

2. Instant approval for your clients – We underwrite your software solution and all your clients are automatically boarded with no application process.

3. Portal for your clients to see transactions, batches, and funding plus a plethora of more reports

4. QuickBooks integration

5. Text to Pay invoice integration

6. Email link to pay invoice integration

7. Built in “docusign” type contracts

8. Recurring billing with auto account update at card expiration

9. Fraud protection for Ecommerce

10. Hosted payment page for clients to easily collect receivables

“Here is why Electronic Money Company has clients for life and why we integrated their payment processing to our software.

In the world of merchant services, it’s easy to think of the services as a commodity (who has the best rates is all that matters) but unfortunately even if that’s all that matters to you it’s very difficult to tell one from another or to be able to predict good future service from bad service since all you start with is the sales person in front of you spewing lots of numbers and jargon that seems to differ from one sales person to the next (each saying that the other one is lying).

As someone who has tried quite a few merchant service providers over the years I can tell you that all of my relationships have turned sour due to hidden fees and percentages creeping onto my monthly bills over the course of time. All except for one. Electronic Money Company has been the first HONEST company I’ve ever worked with. Their service has been outstanding. If we have a question, they answer it or find the answer quickly and they have delivered as promised with no hidden fees or sleazy car salesman tactics.

If you need merchant services for your company or integrated payments for your software, Electronic Money Company is the place to be. Plus they have great rates and are always willing to beat the competition.” ~Rob Weinstein, Event Rental Systems Software
Rob Weinstein, Event Rental Systems

Payment Processing Can Be Confusing. We Can Help!