Retail POS System!
Work Less - Earn More!

Grow Sales with Online Order & Pay!
Inventory Tracked Both Online & Instore!
Reduce Errors and Theft!
Easy Reordering from Suppliers! Get Paid Fast with Click & Pay Button Invoicing!
Easy Bookkeeping - Integrated with QuickBooks!
Contactless Integrated Payments!
Choose Low Processing Rates or Cash Discounting! (Zero Cost Card Processing)

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Put Your Business on Auto Pilot!

What You Get!

  • Grow Sales with Order and Pay Online for Pick Up or Delivery
  • Send Invoices with Pay Now Button
  • Get Paid Fast with Online Integrated Payments
  • CRM Customer Relationship Management Database
  • Built in Gift and Loyalty Program
  • Coupon and Discount tracking
  • Automatic Marketing via Email or Text

What Your Customer Gets

  • Convenience of Online Order and Pay
  • Easy to Pay Online
  • Conveneice of email click and pay
  • Previous Order History Remembered
  • Rewards
  • Customized Offers
  • Easy and Frequent Communication

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