The answer is Yes. It is mandatory for all merchant accounts.

The annual fee is $99, which will show up on your merchant statement in July every year. There is also a requirement to do an annual PCI survey.

The survey questions must be completed and submitted annually. The purpose of the survey is to make sure all merchants are following good practices in preventing credit card fraud, which is a major problem in the U.S. Every year you will get emails to remind you to do the survey again. It is easier the second time around because you can state that nothing is changed from the first survey. When you do not do the annual PCI survey, you get dinged $19.95/month until you do the survey.
No, you do not need any other gateway. We have our own gateway which comes FREE with our processing. Also included is a FREE mobile gateway so you can process cards through your mobile phone.
If you batch out by 7:30 EST, you can get your deposit the next morning.
Yes. We need a minimum per month to keep your merchant account open and to continue providing you with white glove service you deserve all throughout the year. Our monthly fee also includes a gateway for e-commerce with a virtual terminal plus a free mobile app and gateway to accept cards with your phone.
Typically 3 to 4 days. Canadian accounts take up to one week.
We customize rates to each merchant to give them the best advantage. Typically merchants with lots of small tickets benefit from a low transaction fee and merchants with a small number of large tickets benefit from a low % rate.

We are honest and forthright upfront, explaining all fees that will show up on your merchant statement. There are no surprises with Electronic Money Company. To understand more about rates and fees download a free copy of my book on the About Us page.

Yes. We have a FREE mobile app that you can download from your app or play store. The swiper dongle costs $25.
No, each webpage requires its own merchant account just like a second location physical address requires its own merchant account. However, you can choose to deposit into the same bank account. And we can tie multiple merchant accounts together in your portal.


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