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To ease the confusion and pain of merchant services from the beginning through the life of your business.


To be the best choice for merchant services, period.


We serve with honesty, integrity, transparency, respect and care.


To treat our clients like family with the absolute best service and support they so deserve.

"Secrets of Credit Card Processing Fees Revealed!"

By Gingergaye Hollowell

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Why I Wrote this Book

After being in the merchant business for over 15 years, I became so sick and tired of seeing merchants scammed by credit card sales people and duped into expensive contracts. I decided to write "Secrets of Credit Card Processing Fees Revealed" to educate business owners, expose the scams and give merchants the upper-hand in negotiating against the sleazy credit card processing salesperson.

Since 2000, Electronic Money Company has provided honest merchant services for businesses across the United States & Canada. We have created long-term relationships with our clients while giving them our most upfront and full disclosure of services.

-Gingergaye Hollowell

What You'll Learn

 Why are There So Many Different Rates? – Different Rates for low or high risk cards. Find out which kinds of cards have the lowest rate and fees.

 What Are The Hidden Fees? – Some of them are fees from Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover and some are processor B.S. Fees. Discover the difference.

 How to Beat the Sleazy Salesperson at his game. – Discover the typical scams of Bob from Brand X.

Secrets of Lower Rates – Find out how to pick apart your merchant statement.

Gingergaye and Walt Hollowell, President and VP

We have raised eight children together, four boys and four girls. Now we carry on that nurturing through our family of clients providing merchant services and related technologies to help businesses lower expenses and grow profits. We began our business in March of 2000 and are very proud of our sales force and office staff for their excellence in customer support.