Here is how we, at Electronic Money Company, work differently from ALL the other credit card processors out there.

1. We are honest up front when we do a comparison analysis of your merchant statement. We do not leave any information out of the comparison, like termination fees or other general fees that can show up like a bad surprise on a merchant statement belonging to “Bob from Brand X”. And we go over it with you so that you understand every part of it.

2. We communicate with you through every step in the application process to let you know the progress toward being ready to go live and start taking transactions.

3. We have our own technical support and customer service 8-5 M-F in addition to our front end processor’s 24/7/365 line.

4. We guide you through PCI compliance and send reminders for you so you should never get hit with a monthly non-compliance fee.

5. Each person in our support staff has experience in this industry for 20 years+, so you never talk to a newbie at our office reading from a training manual on how to answer your question.

We have your back in every way! If you have questions about our services, give us a call at 505-296-2847.

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