Are Restaurant Delivery Services Making Money or Draining Money from Restaurants?

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The pandemic brought about significant increases in demand for delivery services as restaurants were forced to shut down indoor dining. Surveys show that 60% of adults and 71% of millennials will want to continue having these options post COVID lockdowns.  However, delivery services cost money, and restaurants are giving up big margins paying the delivery companies to keep their doors open.  Neither the restaurants nor … Read More

The Famous “Restaurant Server Theft“ Soda Pop Game!

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The famous Soda Pop Game is played with a POS system, by splitting tickets. Only instead of splitting the cost between two people at a table, the drinks are split off to an open ticket. This server theft works when patrons are paying with cash. Let’s say Table #1 orders two meals and two sodas.  Before the server presents the ticket, he casually asks whether … Read More

Freezing of Funds

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During this time of social distancing and businesses shutting down, some credit card processors are freezing merchants’ funds. Why do they do this? The answer goes back to understanding our system of credit card processing. Merchants are so used to taking credit cards and seeing money go into their bank account that they think credit card transactions are cash transactions. After all, if it looks … Read More

Stop Losing Money on Laboriously Training New Employees!

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Training New Waitstaff

Time is money. And time is a valuable resource, as the adage goes, therefore it is better to do things as quickly as possible. When it comes to running your restaurant establishment, training new employees with a manual paper system or cash register system, wastes a lot of time and frustrates customers. I recently went to a restaurant where a supervisor was following a newly … Read More

Inventory Shrinkage Beware!

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How to protect your restaurant against food theft. Waiters can hurt your profit margins in a variety of ways, and rarely is restaurant theft as simple as taking from the cash register, or not ringing up an order and pocketing the money. Working around food all day can tempt even the most honest employee. I mean restaurant employees get hungry too. But they can also … Read More

Waiter Theft Scam in Restaurants – Why You Need the Right POS!

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Waiter Theft Scam in Restaurants

Sometimes waiter theft is planned and sometimes it is merely an oversight that ends up costing a restaurant owner money leaking from his bottom line. For example, the “Soda Pop Game” is a planned waiter scam to move money from the restaurant owner to his own pocket. “Beverage Amnesia” is an oversight when the restaurant gets slammed. The Infamous “Soda Pop Game”! This employee theft … Read More

Restaurant Scams and Shams – A ‘Comps’ Tale

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Restaurant Scams and Shams – A ‘Comps’ Tale

Last Father’s Day, I stole $100 from a local restaurant. I didn’t wear a ski mask and wave a pistol in the cashier’s face. I didn’t break into their safe during the dark, dark night. I didn’t have to do anything that dramatic. In fact, it was like taking candy from a baby. Now, before you start thinking you’re reading a report written by a … Read More

Bartender Baloney

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Bartender Baloney

Scams Behind the Bar — Is Your Restaurant Losing Money on Bartender Baloney? According to Preventing Internal Theft – A Bar Owner’s Guide, by Robert Plotkin, there are nearly two dozen areas of vulnerability that can be exploited behind the bar. Bartenders can give away free drinks, over-charge or under-charge the clientele, pocket the sales proceeds of unrecorded drinks, substitute well liquor for call brands, … Read More

Server Crime Syndicate — A Cunning Culprit of Restaurant Fraud

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Employee theft in restaurants is a rampant issue. Would you believe that 75 percent of restaurant employees steal from their workplace at least once, if not repeatedly? In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association, internal employee theft is responsible for 75 percent of inventory shortages, and up to seven percent of restaurant sales. This is a true story that happened to friends of ours … Read More