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featured image Can You Put 2 Merchant Accounts in 1 Credit Card Terminal?

Can You Put 2 Merchant Accounts in 1 Credit Card Terminal?

Click here to watch the video Can a credit card terminal be set up to handle 2 merchant accounts? Yes!  If you have different types of businesses operating in the same location, yes, you can take payments for both businesses with one credit card terminal.  Both merchant accounts will be downloaded into the terminal and the first question on the terminal during a purchase will

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featured image Blend of Our Most Watched Video Shorts on Merchant Services

Blend of Our Most Watched Video Shorts on Merchant Services!

Click here to watch the video These 5 short videos are blended together to offer the best of advice for merchants looking for a new merchant services processor: How To Choose A Credit Card Processor at 00:14 –  Full video: https://youtu.be/GwtfgTu3NDU Options for Credit Card Processing – Tip Line at 01:15 – Full video: https://youtu.be/T_nKY9QDSwQ How To Prevent Credit Card Chargebacks at 02:08 – Full

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How to Grow Your Food Truck Business featured image

How to Grow Your Food Truck Business!

Click here to watch the video Attention all food truck owners! No more do customers need to stand in line waiting to order, and then stand around again waiting for their food. You do not need to write down orders on a piece of paper and hand them to your cook. The whole process can be sped up with the new technology. You can get

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3 Tips for Growing Your Fast Food or Pizza Restaurant featured image

3 Tips for Growing Your Fast Food or Pizza Restaurant

Click here to watch the video Three Tips for Getting More Customers and Growing Your Fast-Food Restaurant or Pizza Restaurant! 1. Speed up the Drive Through Line and get more customers! – Do you have long lines at your drive-through restaurant or pizza restaurant? If so, consider getting a tablet to take outside and take orders and payments in the line. Customers who see long

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How Restaurants Can Turn Tables Faster With QR Code Technology | Restaurant Digital Menu

How Restaurants Can Turn Tables Faster With QR Code Technology!

Click here to watch the video Let’s talk about restaurant POS software and some of the new technologies available, QR code technology for ordering and for QR code technology for taking payments.  The benefits are a convenience for your customers all while allowing you to turn tables faster and grow your bottom line. Introducing the QR code for ordering! The QR code can be placed

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A Story of Restaurant Employee Theft and How to Prevent It

Click here to watch the video Gingergaye here, with Electronic Money Company Merchant Services, bringing you a story of how a POS system saved a fortune for a fine dining establishment. This particular restaurant had existed under family ownership for two generations. They were a gem in the community but all of a sudden they were starting to lose money. The employees had a theft

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FREE Gift and Loyalty and FREE Marketing Templates!

FREE Gift & Loyalty plus FREE Marketing Templates Inside Our Tablet POS!

Click here to watch the video  POS Tablet Software with Built-In Marketing We have many jobs as business owners and entrepreneurs, management, bookkeeping, sales, and marketing. It is challenging to fill all the roles. Pos tablet systems assist us in all aspects of running our business by providing automated processes. I am Gingergaye, and today I want to speak to you today specifically about gift,

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Are Restaurant Delivery Services Making Money or Draining Money from Restaurants?

The pandemic brought about significant increases in demand for delivery services as restaurants were forced to shut down indoor dining. Surveys show that 60% of adults and 71% of millennials will want to continue having these options post COVID lockdowns.  However, delivery services cost money, and restaurants are giving up big margins paying the delivery companies to keep their doors open.  Neither the restaurants nor

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The Famous “Restaurant Server Theft“ Soda Pop Game!

The famous Soda Pop Game is played with a POS system, by splitting tickets. Only instead of splitting the cost between two people at a table, the drinks are split off to an open ticket. This server theft works when patrons are paying with cash. Let’s say Table #1 orders two meals and two sodas.  Before the server presents the ticket, he casually asks whether

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Freezing of Funds

During this time of social distancing and businesses shutting down, some credit card processors are freezing merchants’ funds. Why do they do this? The answer goes back to understanding our system of credit card processing. Merchants are so used to taking credit cards and seeing money go into their bank account that they think credit card transactions are cash transactions. After all, if it looks

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