How Restaurants Can Turn Tables Faster With QR Code Technology!

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How Restaurants Can Turn Tables Faster With QR Code Technology | Restaurant Digital Menu

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Let’s talk about restaurant POS software and some of the new technologies available, QR code technology for ordering and for QR code technology for taking payments.  The benefits are a convenience for your customers all while allowing you to turn tables faster and grow your bottom line.

Introducing the QR code for ordering!

The QR code can be placed on a small display for your tables or taped directly onto the table.  It pulls up the menu and allows the customer to order and pay for their ticket.  Likewise, a fast-food restaurant can assign a QR code to a parking spot and post it on a sign in front of that parking spot. The customer can order from his car and pay for the order. The restaurant QR code is associated with which table or parking spot in order to deliver the food to the correct customer. In both cases, there is no need to return to the customer to collect a payment, because the transaction can be set up to pay upfront. This system also saves time taking orders and taking payments. In the fast-food restaurant, it also saves long lines at the outside window. The QR code for ordering is convenient for everybody all around.

Introducing the QR code on the receipt!

A restaurant software should have the capability to print the receipt with a QR code on it.  When the customer is finished eating, he no longer needs to sit patiently waiting for the waiter to reappear.  He can simply take out his phone and scan the QR code on the receipt. It pulls up the payment solution for the restaurant, including tip choices. The customer chooses his choice of credit card to pay and voila, we are done!  The table is turned quickly.

Both of these QR code technologies save waitstaff time.  They can serve more tables and earn more tips by serving more customers.  The restaurant can grow profits by serving more customers. Plus, the QR code serves the customer with more convenience!  The technology is a win, win, win trifecta!

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